Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Pet Cabaret Animated TV Spots

Here are the first three animated commercials I have done for super fantastic store The Pet Cabaret. They are currently running on local cable TV in the Boston area.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Battle Beyond Belief

A science fiction action adventure of epic proportions! Not since "The Far Out Space Nuts" has such mind bending, hard boiled excitement exploded from the screen!

I co-wrote, starred in, co-directed, built the sets, created the music, edited and did the special effects for this story of an elite task force sent on a mission to rescue an astronaut trapped on a hostile alien planet.

This is currently in post production and will be ready to unleash on an unsuspecting public in sometime 2010.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Doritos Superbowl Ad

Here is an animation I entered in a competition to create an ad for Doritos. Unfortunatley, I did not win - it seems they were not interested in animation.

Click here to see it ------> DoritoLand


Monday, May 22, 2006

Flash Animation

Take a look at this (click here ---> nTAG Flash animation). It is a demo for a company called nTAG which has a really cool interactive name tag that gathers information from people at trade shows and conferences with out you lifting a finger!

You can also visit these links to see the Flash based websites I have built:

The Pet Cabaret
Walker Brook Studios
Crap-Mill (under construction)

Corporate Stuff

Here are a few attract loops created for Arvest Bank's ATM screens

Click here to see loop 1 ------> Arvest Rewards
Click here to see loop 2 ------> Mobile Banking

Below are some logos, business cards and other graphics

Monsters, Critters & Ladies

Here are some examples of my work which lean more towards the edgy side.

The Machini posters were conceived of by Dug North and used for amazing magician automata that he made and sold - check it out at his site!

You can also see a regular comic I post on my other blog called Prehistoric Laugh Products
(these comics usually lean a bit towards adult humor - so try and not open this page in front of the kids or your favorite grandmother)

Artwork for Ads

The Pet Cabaret promotional postcards

Newspaper ads for a super excellent dog walking business called WANNAGOOUT.
I also did their website as well.

Email ads for a super great kid's shoe company called Morgan & Milo